About us

Sloten B.V. is producer of Sprayfo calf milk replacer. We have played a leading role since 1958 in developing and supplying top-quality and innovative young animal feed. We create effective solutions for rearing management, enabling cattle farmers to improve their company's profitability and sustainability.

Worldwide, in more than 50 countries, many customers now implicitly trust Sprayfo, Nuklospray and Spraymes. Cooperation and co-creation are central to our approach. We work with researchers, veterinarians, feed producers, distributors and of course the end user – cattle farmers.

Sloten is part of Nutreco, so we're affiliated with various research facilities, sharing in their expertise and experience. This enables us to conduct professional studies at both scientific research centres and field-trial locations.

In terms of calf rearing, the Nutreco 's Calf Research Centre plays a key role, carrying out research into some 500 dairy and veal calves to red-meat production. Milk replacers are central to these studies. We also conduct research into subjects like feed ingredients, feed efficiency, and animal health and well-being. The Calf Research Centre has joint projects with research institutes in the United Kingdom and Mexico.

Furthermore, Sloten has a joint venture with Gut Dummerstorf in Germany and Schothorst Feed Research in the Netherlands to study the effects of calf rearing and later milk production.