Fortified formula in four key areas 

Sprayfo has been dedicated to the rearing of strong and healthy calves for generations.
The latest insights from scientific research make our calf milk replacers even more effective.
Here are four ways in which our fortified formula supports your calf rearing approach.

1. Improves nutrient digestion

If digestion of nutrients does not take place in the first part of the intestine, nutrients will reach
the hind gut where they will be fermented instead of being digested. This reduces the nutritional
value and can also lead to deviating stool consistency.

Homogenised fat for better absorption
Fat in the diet is absorbed in the small intestine. But in young, fast-growing animals, it spends very little time in the small intestine. So we optimise fat digestion in two ways. Firstly, our fat concentrates are pasteurised, homogenised and spray-dried, so that fat particles are small and evenly distributed as they are in natural cow’s milk. Secondly, as increased solubility accelerates absorption, Sprayfo is offered either based on a highly soluble milk-fat concentrate, or on a fat concentrate that uses whey protein to improve solubility and stability.

Key benefits:

• Outstanding solubility and stability.
• No creaming of fat or fatty layers in the buckets.
• Helps increase feed efficiency and support the digestive system.


2. Strengthens immunity

Calves receive “passive” immunity from their mothers through the colostrum, but this effect reduces after 2-3 weeks. Our calf milk replacers contain nutrients that boost the animal’s own “active” immunity as early as possible.

Natural vitamin E and organic Se for antioxidant effect
Sprayfo is enriched with various antioxidant vitamins and minerals, including organic selenium, natural Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
These capture harmful free radicals before they can damage cell wall membranes, which strengthens the immune system.

We use the natural form of selenium (selenomethionine), as it is better absorbed and more bioavailable to the calf. More selenium in the muscle tissue can thus be mobilised under stress conditions.

Key benefits:

• High bioavailability and much better absorption.
• Better storage in muscle tissue, preparing calves for stress situations.
• Helps to achieve strong calves.


3. Maintains gut integrity

Gut integrity is important for optimal gut function. A stable gut flora is essential for maintaining gut integrity.
To create beneficial growth conditions for favourable bacteria, gut health and immunity should be stimulated as much as possible.

Short chain fatty acids for gut health support
Sprayfo is enriched with a number of short chain organic fatty acids that contribute to gut health. These short chain fatty acids strengthen the gut wall and therewith in general maintain a proper health status. They also help to expand the gut surface area so that nutrients are better absorbed.

Slowly released short chain fatty acids migrate via the blood to the rumen to support the development of papilla,which improves solid feed intake around weaning, to prevent a weaning “dip”.

Sprayfo also contains a probiotic and prebiotic to strengthen the bacteria balance in the gut. 

Key benefits:

• Higher daily gain, thanks to better utilisation of nutrients.
• Prevents waning dip, thanks to improved solid feed intake.
• Lower mortality.


4. Optimises gut pH

Young calves have a relatively low production of hydrochloric acid in the abomasum. This makes it difficult to create and maintain an optimal pH in the stomach. As a result, the abomasum may be emptied suboptimally, the flow of gut content through the young calf can be hindered, and digestive capacity may be reduced. Avoiding pH fluctuations is important to maintain a good bacterial balance.

Organic acids and salts to optimise gut pH
Sprayfo contains a number of organic acids and salts that optimise pH functionality throughout the digestive tract. Direct pH support is provided in the form of citric acid, while organic acid salts provide support further along the tract. This combination is very favourable to the gut surface, and deposits acid at just the right point in the gut. It stabilises the output of the abomasum and improves utilisation of nutrients, especially protein.

Key benefits:

• Better purity and stability of finished milk.
• More consistent faeces thanks to better emptying of the stomach.
• Consistent feed intake and better utilisation of protein.

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