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Quality makes so much difference

Are all calf milk replacers the same? Absolutely not! So what's the difference and how can you see that? 

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'Calf milk should always be good'

Rest, cleanliness and regularity form the motto in Wendy Duker's calf rearing approach. High-quality calf milk replacers are part of it.

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Huge growth potential in calves

Research conducted by Sprayfo and the German LFA MW institute indicates that early growth of calves could be much higher.

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How intensively can you feed your calves?

Sietze Henk Haytema has always advocated ‘full-fat’ feeding during rearing. "The first months are crucial for the calf".

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Making progress by sharing know-how

Calf rearing is not static. Thanks to scientific research and own trials in practice, Sprayfo is constantly extending its knowledge. Knowledge we would like to share with you via instructive articles, videos, farm coverage. Choose one of the themes below and learn more about calf rearing!