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“The quality of Sprayfo is high and consistent”

Wendy Duker rears her calves in accordance with the principles of rest, routine and cleanliness. Sprayfo milk replacer perfectly reflects this approach. “The quality is high and consistent. You just know that it's always good.”

The Duker family's dairy farm in Nijeveen, the Netherlands, has 100 dairy cows and about 80 young cattle. Wendy Duker takes care of calf rearing, which she combines with a part-time job as a doctor's assistant for 18 hours a week.

 Some 100 calves are born each year on the farm. The bullocks are placed in igloos and are sold off after 14 days. The heifer calves spend their first 10 days in individual stalls in the cowshed. They are then transferred to straw-bedded pens for six to seven animals. From that moment on, they start suckling at the drinking machine.

“Our calves are fed colostrum for the first three days. Strong colostrum intake within the first 24 hours is half the battle, as this forms the best foundation for vibrant health.

3 times a day, 2 litres CMR in the single pen

After day three, we switch to Sprayfo. In the single pens, they receive two litres three times a day. This is a strategic decision as it allows me to maintain tight control.

The calves are given Sprayfo Vitesse at a concentration of 140 grams per litre. In winter, we give them Sprayfo Excellent, which contains a slightly higher level of skimmed milk powder. And due to higher energy needs in colder periods, I also make the milk slightly thicker.

'Sprayfo always dissolves well'

Although it sounds a bit clichéd, rest, routine and cleanliness are essential factors during rearing. Each new-born calf is given a clean pen with fresh straw. And that's exactly how it's supposed to be. Good-quality and consistent calf milk replacer is also indispensable. Feeding always runs smoothly with Sprayfo, as it dissolves well without forming lumps. The calves enjoy greater vitality, and growth is exceptional. They are visibly fitter and more playful and gain a shiny coat, and their manure is also of a healthy consistency. Sprayfo is a great and pure product. It smells good and is easy to store. In addition, quality is very consistent, and you can count on that.


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