Calves have enormous growth potential in the first 6 weeks

Calves can grow much more quickly in the first eight weeks than is generally the case in practice.  That is the conclusion of tests by the Gut Dummerstorf research institute in cooperation with Sprayfo. This extra growth is a precondition for optimisation of a cow's potential for milk production for the rest of her life.

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Maximise the growth potential of your calves!

A calf's growth in the first 8 weeks has been proven to affect its lifetime milk production. But how can you maximise the growth potential of your calves? Ask the Sprayfo rearing specialist in your region.

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What are the benefits of extra growth for you?

How much profit can you book with your calves' extra growth in the first 8 weeks? Figure it out within a few minutes using the Sprayfo Profit Calculator. 

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