Rearing performance: calculate the profit of extra growth in the first weeks

Extra growth of your heifer calves in the first 8 weeks of life is directly related to their adult milk production. That's a well-known and proven fact. So what do you need to invest in extra growth? And how will the investment pay itself back in litres of milk and hard cash? Make the calculation quickly and simply, using the Sprayfo Profit Calculator.

The key to the Sprayfo Life Start rearing concept is concentrated feeding of calf milk replacer for extra growth in the first 8 weeks of life. In practice, this often means switching from 1 kilo of calf milk replacer per 7 to 8 litres of water, to 1:6. This therefore requires a minor investment in volume and quality. Sprayfo is known for its exceptional digestive properties, which is a precondition for successful and problem-free feeding of highly concentrated calf milk replacer.

Feeding extra calf milk replacer: what are the returns?

You are right to ask yourself what the investment means to you: a heavier calf is useful when weaning, but how about later on?

As mentioned earlier, there is a direct link between growth in the pre-weaning period and the subsequent production levels. This is based, among other things, on scientific research and tests by Nutreco Research and Sloten B.V., producer of Sprayfo and subsidiary of Nutreco. We know, for example, that growth in the rearing phase greatly determines the development of the udder cells which are subsequently responsible for milk production.

User-friendly calculation model for calf rearing

Together with Nutreco Research and independent accountants, we have translated this knowledge into the Sprayfo Profit Calculator, a user-friendly web application with a practical calculation model. As a dairy farmer, you have simple and direct insight into:

1. Your extra investment in Sprayfo Life Start

2. The extra growth (in grams per day) given by this investment, in the pre-weaning phase

3. The effect on the rearing costs (Euro per 100L milk)

4. The effect on the milk profits (Euro per milking heifer)

5. The balance of the financial returns minus the investment

Sprayfo makes it simple to calculate the potential profit from extra growth during rearing at your farm. Try it for yourself at Sprayfo Profit Calculator

Maximise the growth potential of your calves!

A calf's growth in the first 8 weeks has been proven to affect its lifetime milk production. But how can you maximise the growth potential of your calves? Ask the Sprayfo rearing specialist in your region.

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What are the benefits of extra growth for you?

How much profit can you book with your calves' extra growth in the first 8 weeks? Figure it out within a few minutes using the Sprayfo Profit Calculator. 

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