• Healthy calves grow naturally

    Nutrition, hygiene and climate:
    the basis for problem-free rearing

Sprayfo         Health Support

Our fortified formula functions in four ways to support your calves' health.

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Put a stop to ruminal drinking

Ruminal drinking is often fatal. The risk can be strongly reduced by good hygiene and monitoring.

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Sufficient iron absolutely essential for calves

Many calves already have an iron deficiency at birth and are as a result anaemic. How can you ensure the right iron level? 

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Beat Para TBC with strict hygiene

Good hygiene programme is very effective in combatting Para TBC in calves.

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Making progress by sharing know-how

Calf rearing is not static. Thanks to scientific research and own trials in practice, Sprayfo is constantly extending its knowledge. Knowledge we would like to share with you via instructive articles, videos, farm coverage. Choose one of the themes below and learn more about calf rearing!