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5 tips for smart colostrum management

The milk from the first 3 days after calving must not be sent to the milk factory. What do you do with the surplus milk? Sprayfo gives you 5 tips for optimal processing of the first milk:

1.Feed all calves 6 to 8 litres of colostrum per day for the first 3 days. With heifer calves, change to Sprayfo after 3 days.

2.Feed bull calves 6 to 8 litres of 'colostrum milk' per day until delivery. Do you know that 2 litres extra per day results in 2 kg additional growth in a fortnight!

3.When feeding 'colostrum milk' pay special attention to iron provision: give bull calves an iron injection and/or feed FarmOSan StartFit for 3 days (10 grams per day).

4.Feed 'colostrum milk' directly after milking to prevent any hygiene problems.

5.Clean buckets thoroughly before the next feed.

Optimum beestings processing chart:

Colostrum milk Management Module
Number of dairy cows 100 head
Colostrum milk yield in first 3 days 60 litres
Colostrum per year 6000 litres
Percentage of heifers for stock rearing 50 %
Percentage of bull calves for sale 50 %
Colostrum feeding for first 3 days 21 litres
Dairy cow feeds for first 2 weeks 100 litres
Feeding cow calf for stock rearing day 1-3 1050 litres
Feeding bull calves for sale 5000 litres
Colostrum surplus -50 litres



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