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    The pros and cons of feeding
    cow's milk to your calves

Whole milk optimizer

Dairy farmers often weigh the options to either feed calf milk replacers or wholemilk to their calves. In case you have chosen to feed wholemilk, please be aware that a constant nutritional value is important. Frequently, you will have the disposal of a varied quantity of wholemilk.

At that moment you will have 2 options:

  • Complete quantity with wholemilk from the milk tank
  • Use Sprayfo to complete the required quantity

It is not easy to execute instructions to get a well-balanced final blend. This often leads to varying results in terms of growth and digestion (diarrhoea). Because of this challenge, Sprayfo developed a simple support tool: the whole milk optimizer.  

The whole milk optimizer takes into consideration your available wholemilk and the required amount of milk for the calves. Shortage needs to be completed by means of a good mixture of water, Sprayfo calf milk replacer and Farm-O-San StartFit.

This will result in a milk that is practically constant in composition, dry matter content, vitamins and minerals.
And therewith it is suitable for calves, in order to positively contribute to their growth and health.


Check the tool: Whole milk Optimizer

Total milk neededWhole milk availableDry matter *
 L  L  BRIX%


Add SprayfoAdd waterAdd F-O-S StartFit **
  Kg   L   gr

* Check table for relationship of brix and dry matter in whole milk (maximum value 15%)
** Basis is 25 gr Farm-O-San StartFit per 10 litres of whole milk 

Measure colostrum quality

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The facts about feeding cow's milk

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