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'Thicker' feeding: stronger calf

Luit Veenhuizen is satisfied with the results of increasing the dose of calf milk replacement per litre. “I'm seeing more calf: the animals are larger and more robust.”

In the Veenhuizen stable

How intensively can you feed?

Sietze Henk Haytema has always advocated ‘thick’ feeding. "The first months are crucial for the calf's development. So don't miss that opportunity.''

In the Haytema stable

'Calf rearing just needs to be done right'

Regular NRM show entrant Gert Jan van der Haar leaves nothing to chance in the rearing process. "You don't want to blame yourself, with hindsight, that you could have done it better."

In the Van der Haar stable

10-week igloo stay for calves

Dairy farmer Van Iersel in Nederweert wanted to seriously reduce the illness percentage of the calves. Keeping them in the igloo until 10 weeks proved effective. 


In the Van Iersel stable

Making progress by sharing know-how

Calf rearing is not static. Thanks to scientific research and own trials in practice, Sprayfo is constantly extending its knowledge. Knowledge we would like to share with you via instructive articles, videos, farm coverage. Choose one of the themes below and learn more about calf rearing!