“The calves do just great with Sprayfo”

Sprayfo has been a permanent fixture at Ben ter Schure's dairy farm in Steenwijkerwold, the Netherlands, for 25 years already. “Our calf-rearing program runs pretty much flawless, partly thanks to Sprayfo. ”

In partnership with his wife, Ben ter Schure keeps a herd of 90 dairy cows and 75 young cattle. Their son is also due to join them soon. “It's going great with our calf-rearing program. The calves enjoy robust health, and they grow strongly. Mortality from birth to three days is zero, and in 2013 we didn't have to use any antibiotics at all.

CMR feeding with the bucket

The calves get colostrum six times in the first three days. On the 6th feed, they get one litre of colostrum, and we then start them on one litre of Sprayfo, building that up to three litres twice a day. It's always in buckets, as we don't have a drinking machine. From week eight onwards we start reducing the supply, getting to two litres a day in week 10, keeping small heifer calves on the milk for slightly longer. Using the Sprayfo feeding schedule, weaning runs very smoothly and the calves are barely aware of the gradual reduction in calf milk replacer.

In summer, we supply one kilo of Sprayfo to seven litres of water. In winter, the ratio is one-to-six to give the calves a little extra energy during cold periods. And they can take that well.

Problemless weaning

Sprayfo is a really great product to work with. It dissolves very effectively and the calves drink it enthusiastically and easily. And if there's anything amiss, Sprayfo's advisers are just a call away with their expert advice. I have no intention of shopping around. We've been using Sprayfo for 25 years. You know just what to expect and rearing goes like a dream.”

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