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Sprayfo Royal

Sprayfo Royal is simply the best milk replacer on the market. With a milk-powder content of 50%, Royal is the right product for farmers who don't accept second best. With Royal, you can elevate concentrations very high without problem. Up to as much as 190 grams per litre. With Royal you see the result immediately, with calves drinking it enthusiastically, grow to the maximum, have the best health and the finest pelt. Calves that draw the eye.

  • The highest growth for weaning
  • Up to 30% higher growth
  • Up to 1000L more milk in the first lactation
  • Very tasty
  • With 50% skimmed milk powder
  • Good milk uptake
  • High concentrate uptake

Sprayfo Royal is enriched with prebiotica, probiotica, organic acids and natural vitamin E. Royal also contains specific antibodies against E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium, Rotavirus and Coronavirus.


By bucket, weaning bucket, milkbar and drinking machine.

Concentration 150 to 190 gr/L, Preparation temperature 45oC, Drinking temperature 40oC.

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