For optimum growth and result

Sprayfo Vitesse

Sprayfo Vitesse is for dairy farmers who aim for a good result with skimmed milk powder, but also need to take account of economic aspects. With Vitesse you can realize healthy growth by using an appropriate concentration and the correct feed plan. Vitesse is easily dissolved, and also very suitable for use in drinking machines. With Vitesse you get the calves everyone can be proud of.

  • The highest growth for weaning
  • Up to 25% higher growth
  • Up to 800L more milk in the first lactation
  • Very tasty
  • With 20% skimmed milk powder

Good milk uptake High concentrate uptake Sprayfo Vitesse is enriched with prebiotica, probiotica, organic acids and natural vitamin E.


By bucket, weaning bucket, milkbar and drinking machine.

Concentration 140 to 170 gr/L
Preparation temperature 45oC
Drinking temperature 40oC.

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