Sprayfo: for future productivity

A good start for young animals is essential for later production. And therefore for dairy farm yields.  Proper feeding and care in the first phase of a calf's life is crucial for later health, productivity and sustainability. The outcomes of our running field trials and the outstanding rearing results of our customers proof this time and time again.

Growth in the first 8 weeks is essential for making the most of the full genetic potential of the calves. Correct feeding in the start phase activates development of the udder cells (parenchyma cells) for example, which in turn are responsible for milk production. After these 8 weeks, we can no longer activate the cells and other physical characteristics which influence future milk production, making this a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Excellent feeding, smart programmes, complete rearing supervision 

With excellent calf milk replacers, balanced feeding plans, protocols and supervision of all rearing aspects, Sprayfo lays strong foundations for the future productivity of calves. Hence our slogan “For future productivity”. It is a pledge which lies in the good start of the newborn animal.

A good start contributes to:

  • Optimum growth and health
  • Sustainable farm management
  • Maximum yield

A good start makes all the difference. A good start is pure profit!

We share rearing expertise

We love sharing and distributing our wide, deep and practical knowledge about the best start for young animals. Our objective is the professionalization of calf rearing across the globe and ensuring healthy and sustainable future dairy farms.

Together with you we work towards the best start. For only the best start leads to the best performance. Lifelong.

Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company

Sprayfo® is a Trouw Nutrition product brand with a global sales organization. Trouw Nutrition is a global leader in innovative feed specialties, premixes and nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry. Since 1931, its feed-to-food solutions have met the needs of feed producers, integrators and home mixers. For more local information please visit trouwnutrition.com.

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